Professional and Experienced.  You will have complete peace of mind! We are a Pet Companion and Concierege Service servicing Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Terravita, Desert Mountain and the Arcadia district!  Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla CA

We are bonded and insured and have over 12 years of experience.  Our Policy and Procedures Redefine pet sitting by exceeding your expectations!

Suzanne's love of animals inspired her work in a veterinary hospital where her pet sitting business was born organically.  Clients came to her, asking her to consider starting a pet sitting business because they saw first hand how she genuinely cared for each pet as if it were her own and they were looking for a level of service and care that did not exist in the market.  Suzanne's veterinary knowledge and her background in law enforcement made her uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of service for the most discerning pet parent in their home.  Her 24hr personalized care plan goes far beyond pet sitting. You are in effect hiring a pet nanny, who takes a personal interest in the health and happiness of your beloved pets in your absence. In 2015, Pawsitive Vacation Pet Sitting expanded to Rancho Santa Fe Ca.and began offering dog walking services using a unique gps pet walking app which gives you all the details of your pets walk including a map of exactly where they were. It is the next best thing to being there.  


Tom and Bobbie are recently retired from Software Engineering and Customer Service management, respectively. Both have had pets (mostly rescues) their entire lives until recently. They have traveled and lived internationally making Scottsdale their home. They have decided to join Pawsitive Vacation Pet Sitting because they wanted to be able to give love to as many different pets as possible and give their human family the peace of mind when they are traveling. They enjoy being active, making sure to tailor exercise to each pet's individual personality, while providing a safe, fun, loving, and familiar environment until their family returns. 

My name is Catherine. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Elementary/Special education and worked in PVUSD with children with special needs for many years. When my youngest daughter was 9 years old I decided to homeschool her and also focus on my passion for animals. 

Aside from my 20+ years taking care of my own cats and dogs which now range in size from a 8 pound chihuahua to a 165 pound bull 
Mastiff and a few sizes in between. I have worked and volunteered in the Arizona animal rescue community for more than 9 years. I also volunteer for search and rescue of lost pets in my community. 

I have experience with cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, and needs as I have worked as an animal care technician at a senior dog rescue and a rescue for animals with behavioral issues. Working at these rescues provided me with extensive experience and knowledge with animals that have special needs and administering medications. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to love and provide exceptional care for your pets. 

Growing up in a large, extended family, Marianne knew and loved many dogs as a child.  Cats and horses took over her life for 20 years.  A Pawsitive team member since spring 2017, Marianne finds joy in getting to know the animals in her care and offering peace of mind to pet parents while they're apart from their furry loves.

Kristin has had a love of animals since the time she could crawl. A life-time pet owner, she has

been working with animals for almost 20 years as a volunteer for various animal shelters in the valley,

beginning with the AAWL/SPCA in 2002. She served on the board of directors of PACC 911, the Phoenix

Animal Care Coalition, for approximately 10 of those years. Over the years she has gained valuable

knowledge in animal behavior, nutrition, welfare, as well as acute veterinary care and continues her

education in those fields. Kristin has two furry family members of her own, her adopted pit bull mixes,

whom she considers her children. One of them has cancer and so she is no stranger to pets with

ailments needing medications and extra TLC. She understands how important pets are and that they

truly are members of your family. Also raised with the philosophy to “leave things better than you

found them” she will make sure your home is thoughtfully cared for as well. After recently retiring from

Contractor Sales, she is excited tote part pf the Pawsitive team in exemplary taking care of your furry (or scaly

or feathered!) kids as if they are her own

Hi I am Michelle. I have been an animal lover since I was a child. Being able to love someone unconditionally whether my husband, son or fur babies is one of life’s greatest gifts. I enjoy spending time watching my son Cameron play high school football and baseball. He truly makes my heart smile.
I have years of experience with all types of dogs and cats and those with special needs. 
I take pride in getting to know your pets and giving them exceptional care while you are gone. You being able to enjoy your time away and not have to worry is my goal. 

Rachel has worked for Pawsitive Vacation for over 5 years while attending college.  She has over 20 years of equine experience as well as a volunteer with a local rescue. Rachel is a nursing student and has had years of experience caring for dogs and cats.  She may be an animal whisperer, at least that is what our clients say!

My name is Jennifer.

My favorite internship was at a no-kill and not-for-profit animal shelter in the cloud forests above Heredia, Costa Rica. This shelter is called Animals de Asis and is owned by a retired business woman from Chicago. Alone on a mountain, this 70+ year old firecracker takes care of over 200 dogs. She also worked with Jane Goodall to establish the first animal cruelty laws in Costa Rica. For an entire semester, I worked at Animales de Asis providing daily care for her 200 dogs and cats. I would routinely take the kenneled dogs (50 out of the 200 were free-range dogs on her property) on walks through the forest to a waterfall. On every single walk with a leashed kennel dog I was followed by at least a dozen free-range rescue dogs. Working for Animales de Asis gave me the professional experience needed to pursue my passion for animal welfare.

I graduated from Global College last spring after writing my thesis on Emancipatory Entrepreneurship. I used research I gathered interning at a social enterprise and indigenous owned coffee company, Akha Ama, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My degree is in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship. During our graduation ceremony, I was awarded the Global Citizenship Award for my continual commitment to philanthropy and leaving the world a better place.

I have been working for Pawsitive Vacation Pet Sitting since moving back to Phoenix this summer after 6 years away. I love my job, and feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be paid to do what I love. My heart and soul stand with my pets and the pets of our clients. I continually strive to ensure our clients receive the best standard of care! I enjoy photographing, playing fetch, walking, and cuddling with your furry family. You can rest assured that when I am staying with your pets, I am going above and beyond the call of duty! I appreciate the immense trust required to hire an in-home pet sitter, and I hope I can prove to you again and again how deserving we are of that trust.

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